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GotY 2017! Best Rogue!

As you may, or may not know, I have been compiling a very serious, scientific, and all-encompassing, genre-defining ranking of roguelikes (and roguelites and roguemites and roguetights and strobelights). As one with which such work was wrought, you’d think I’d have an idea of the greatest rouge of 2017. WHALE! … here you go GREATEST… Continue reading GotY 2017! Best Rogue!

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Platforming shoot-em-up Flinthook is a roguelite with a retro aesthetic and a novel swing mechanic. Players right click from hook to hook, swinging through the air like Spider-Man. While in the air, players may activate a bullet time ability, slowing time just enough to dodge bullets and take well placed in flight shots of their… Continue reading RANKING THE ROGUE. Flinthook.

Ranking the Rogue · Reviews · Roguelikes

Ranking the Rogue: Eldritch AND Wasted. DOUBLE FEATURE!

Eldritch is a game that wears its influences on its face. It’s HP Lovecraft. Eldritch. That shit comes from him. Got it? It’s a first person sneaker with shooting elements and certain roguelike elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated levels. This game has a good atmosphere that really aids the different monsters who show… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Eldritch AND Wasted. DOUBLE FEATURE!