Weekly Trash

December Week Two

Little late this week. Oops. I blame the company party.


This week I mainly watched OnePunch-Man, various TNA stuff, and the BestFriend’s playthrough of Final Fantasy X. I also started Akame Ga Kill, which is just okay, and I started watching Lucha Underground, which is amazing.

I haven’t really been reading though.

For the bulk of my free time I have been playing Pillars of Eternity, which I started this (last) week, Fallout 4, and Steamworld Heist. Steamworld is a new game, developed by Image and International Form Ab (terrible name), who also developed Steamworld Dig. Its set in the same world, with the same steam punk robots, but only this time its set in space and you play as a group of space pirates. Game play is presented as a 2D tactical affair with RPG elements. Progressing levels means unlocking vitally important skills considering the difficulty of this game scales upward pretty early on. Swag, the loot players pick up in the game, translates to water (the game’s currency) or other helpful items, such as weapons and usable/equitable items. The player also unlocks more characters as they progress, either from the reputation they possess which is gained by the amount of stars rewarded to the player as they complete missions, with more stars allotted once the player has completed the mission without deaths, or through a one time payment of water. These characters are met and recruited in certain locals in the game that aren’t themselves missions, but are instead NPC hubs like bars and taverns. One character was recruited for free, and I found him by finding an item in the game that led me to his location.

Also there’s hats.

I’m having a lot of fun with the game. I spent a lot of time today just replaying certain missions with new party members just to level them and see what abilities they unlock. Each character has a “class,” which differs from one to the next in many ways including the weapon they can equip and the abilities they will unlock. There are no skill tress in the game, so leveling is set. But it still feels rewarding and interesting to level a character. Its enough to get the hooks in deep, and the moment to moment game play itself is a blast. Some characters, the sharpshooters for instance, can actually bounce bullets off walls, creating a scenario where enemies die all the way across a room before they can even do anything. Feels good bruh /memes.

Pillars of Eternity was the other new experience. And holy fuck. I love it to death. The atmosphere, the presentation, the game play, the writing–its all top notch. Reason alone to be playing video games on a computer, for me. Makes me glad that I finally bought this thing and put it together.

I’m not going to spend as much words here discussing Pillars, because its such a massive game, I feel like I’ll be here all night when really I should be playing it. I have sunk maybe six hours into the game, and I feel as if I haven’t even scratched the surface. Loving it enough to put both Baldur’s Gate and Divinity on the back burner.

Fallout 4. I’ve wasted a lot of time this week building shit in Sanctuary, and ignoring the main story.

Other than that I’ve been playing games of CS:GO here and there, as well as Nuclear Throne. The PS4 version, which I purchased for the hell of it, of Nuclear Throne is a bit dodgy. Controls are much tighter with a mouse and keyboard. Also CS:GO is not a game you want to play when you haven’t picked up a mouse to headshot scrubs in years. Goddamn, isn’t this the saltiest game ever? CS:GO is the Ranch Dressing of video games.

Yeah that’s it I think probably cool goodbye.

tired and wanna Pillars,

Scrubfuck Esquire


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