Weekly Trash

Weekly Trash December 3

This week I’ve been reading The Black Company, still, because anytime I pick up a book to read lately I sit it back down two minutes later. Fuck. I’m still not very far into it, but I like it a lot.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos from a guy named videogamedunkey. Just discovered him. He’s hilarious in a way aligning with my sense of humor, which is ridiculous peppered with satire. His more serious videos are also well spoken and thought out. Other than that, I watched NXT Takeover London last night. Hell of a show. Followed that up by watching some of Prince Devitt(Finn Baylor)’s stuff in New Japan. His match with Shinsuke Nakamura was great. I’m sure he’s had multiple matches BUT THE ONE I WATCHED ROCKED THE HOUSE DOWN. They weren’t in a house. It looked more like a basketball gym.

Been playing Nuclear Throne, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Final Fantasy VII (PS4 port), Fast Racing Neo, Fallout 4, and Pillars of Eternity. Also a bit of Steamworld Heist.

I began playing Counter-Strike again because my brother was talking about it when I went home for my birthday. I had barely touched Global Offensive, my CS time mostly spent on Counter-Strike: Source, and every time I tried playing GO I’d get my shit kicked in by every scrub no matter what. It put me off, even though that’s somewhat the charm of that game–a hard multiplayer experience with a fairly deep learning curve.

Thankfully this game has support for single player. That is to say, you can play with bots. When the game first came out there were actually servers all over the place which hosted games with bots, yet I haven’t seen that as much recently. I did play a few rounds with bots on my own for a while, just to get myself acquainted with the guns and reacquainted with mouse-aiming. I also played some Gun Game, because I love Gun Game, and it’s somewhat of a good way to get yourself well versed in shooting bullets although you spend each game dying over and over trying to get off FUCKING PISTOLS. Overall I didn’t take as much time regaining skill as I thought I would have, and I found myself jumping into random servers with competence.

What really helped was discovering a change in mutliplayer gaming within myself. I used to be the run and gun type. This resulted, in my CS:S days, in shit Kill to Death Ratios that made me salty as fuck. A good KDR doesn’t necessarily result in fun all the time, but when you don’t play with friends often (as I don’t) then the only reason you’re really there is to do well. But anyway, this run and gun play style resulted in a tendency to play on the Terrorist side, who are generally on the offensive side on must Counter-Strike maps, and I favored using AK47s. I can’t do that anymore. When I try shooting an AK47 I just create modern art on the wall behind my enemy as he guns me down with a fucking glock. So instead I now opt for a more defensive style, going with Counter-Terrorists, who are generally defense oriented on Counter-Strike maps, and using sniper rifles instead. Scouts until I have enough money for the AWP. I’ve spent enough hours of my life watching people AWP that I seem to be…almost decent at it. For now, almost decent is okay with me.

Nuclear Throne is hard.

Pillars is great Fallout is jank.

Final Fantasy VII is hilarious. I haven’t played much, however I played a lot of this game as a kidchild. I just never beat the thing. I wanna play the remake, so I will beat this damn thing. At any rate, the hilarity comes from the blatant cheats that come with it. You can speed up the game by 3, which isn’t really a cheat so much as a necessity. Dem old, slow ass animations. Then there’s at cheat where you can disable random battles. So okay, that’s kind of nuts, but at the same time I’m really into it. Will probably use it when I’m done with a period of grinding. The last cheat is preposterous, as it enables the regeneration of health, magic points, and fully recharges characters’ limit break meter, which is how characters execute their strongest attacks.


I don’t think I’ll be using this until I get so fed up with the game that I want to beat it…or unless I’m about to die during a long, tedious period of grinding. There’s nothing worse than dying and losing hours of progress when you’re just fucking grinding. But I look forward to playing more of this game, and finally seeing it to its conclusion. It would be the first JRPG that I’ve completed outside Pokemon. But those are “Baby’s First RPG,” so they don’t really count. I’ll focus on Final Fantasy more when I’ve beaten Pillars. I gotta beat that for the end of the year stuff.

That’s it for this week. But before I go…


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