Weekly Trash

January Garbage 2


Oh yeah. That’s the spot.

Give me that…mhm. Yep. Okay.

I’ve half a mind to napalm the fuck out of my apartment on the account of the shear number and suitability of these fruit flies. They’re everywhere. Why are they everywhere?

Too much garbage.

searching for garbage.jpg
This turned up under a google of garbage images. idk

reading The Republic of Thieves and it’s good reading more JoJo Part 4 Diamond is not Crash and it’s amazing if you’re not reading JoJo read JoJo you ape hot damn get ahold of yourself

The one who should get ahold of yourself, says you, “IS YOU!” Referring to me, I suppose. I don’t know I’m not your fucking mind keeper.

That’s like a gate keeper but for the mind.

oh…yeah? Uhm…Cool! I’m going home now. Bye.

Watched NXT while cooking Mac and Cheese, the cheese sauce I made from scratch for the first time. It was good but I think I’ll go with a different cheese next time because there wasn’t that much flavor.

flavor flav 2
im NOT sorry

As far as playing games I played some games. You wanna talk about it or are you just going to patiently read what I have to say? Because this isn’t really a good place for a two way conversation. It’s kinda more about how I write this thing and you read it, take it in more than one typically would during a two way conversation, and reflect on the words in which I wrote. That’s a one way. Not as much choice, but you get to admire the view. The fuck am I talkin’ about?

So in the front end this week I played a ton of shit but those things were only hours here and there. I did play some Torchlight II and I enjoyed it quite a bit up until I decided to boot up Diablo III on my PS4 and I realized two things. One, I’d rather be playing Diablo III. Two, I’d rather be playing a loot game on a console on my couch while listening to a podcast. It was nice on here because I minimized the window and watched a stream at the same time so that was cool. May continue to do that when I’m chillin’ with a stream but without a 3DS game to play. However I do prefer that when chillin’ with a stream. 3DS play. HOPEFULLY I GET SOME NEW 3DS GAMES SOON.

Diablo 3 got a little patch that adds a lot I can’t access yet with my lowly 41 monk. I’m going to play it more, don’t worry. I SAID DON’T WORRY. I mean Jay-Z Crust we’re talking about fuckin’ video games here and you’re growing erections harder than this tryin’ to fight and look I’m all the way over here need I explain this again I’m not goin’ down that road again I’ll apostrophe you’re ass to hell ‘n back!

Apostrophe is a hard word to spell.

Played a lot more Dragon Quest Heroes. Had a humerus night talking to someone over voice chat as I grinded on side missions. I probably spent four to five hours doing these missions, which include returning to older levels to grind on endlessly repeating waves of enemies in the hopes that they’ll drop specific items you need to turn in to fulfill quest requirements. I was hardly paying attention, and I didn’t need to, given that I was talking to someone. It was actually a nice little combination. I slaughtered more than I needed because I wasn’t paying attention and that actually led to more money and experience points anyway. The game, by itself, gets old really fast when you play it all by itself, so I think I found the right way to continue playing this game. It’s not a bad game by any stretch. Just repetitive. Nothing wrong with that Poke a mon is repetitive too wanna fight about it? FUCK I already TOLD YOU how this WORKS. Calm down caps.

bloodborne is also fun but also hard i chunked that around but then just today i purchased dragon age inquisition because i have no control over my life no but really there was a pretty good sale and i figured i should play it so i am and oops dragon’s dogma also came out to steam finally and i got that because that’s a fucking great game and playing it again is fucking great especially because i don’t have to hook up the fuckin’ slutbox 360 alright lets go to google

slutbox i guess
google says this is slutbox 360

Google images are so amusing amirite? Never know what you’re going to get. It’s like a chocolate box. Shit melts don’t ever make a box out of chocolate. You idiot.

Alright that’s another bag I’ve lifted to the dumpster I hope your life is fruit fly free don’t let the rabbits bight they are homeless terrorists but all the need is water and hay. Just, make sure you have lots of hay.

google says this is bunny terrorist

Google Shit



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