Weekly Trash

January Trash 4

Here we are standing at the end of the first month of 2016. Nothing super notable so far, when it comes to video game releases. Darkest Dungeon came out for real. Dragon’s Dogma got a port to PC. The Witness finally came out. Haven’t played it yet, by the way. Really, really want to though.

For me the most notable thing I did this week was beat Dragon Quest Heroes. I haven’t had a good track record with completing games, and although this game is far complete I played until I saw credits and that fucking counts for me! I’m in the middle of writing a review for the game, so I’ll spend some more words about the game there. Keep your eyes open.

I watched a great deal of wrestling. Royal Rumble happened. AJ Styles debuted, and otherwise the event was extremely predictable. I watched the Hulu 90 minute version of Raw, and it was just okay, something to have in the background that I’d look up and see every now and again while playing Pokemon. I watched NXT, and it was great. I watched a documentary about Paul Heyman, which was very great. Guy did a lot of cool shit. He’s cool.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Soul Silver are two very different games. One of them sucks and the other is possibly the best Pokemon experience. I was playing Diamond a bit, preparing for some future shenanigans. Grinded quite a bit to beat a gym, which was tedious on account of the slow ass interface and battle system, and the frequent appearance of shitty Bidoof who just uses defense curl over and over prolonging the fight needlessly. I’m just trying to kill idiots, please let me level up! Eventually I defeated the gym leader, and carried on to complete hours of content that I would loose entirely, because I FUCKING SHUT OFF THE SYSTEM WITHOUT SAVING LIKE A CHILD.

bidoof lord
why internet?

SO LIKE THE CHILD I AM I quit the game forever and sold it in exchange for Soul Silver. And man, this game is good! I’ve wanted it for quite some time, but it’s always been $50. I printed off two coupons and sold the game, got it for free. Thanks Gamestop you piece of shit.

Sudden politics



The UI (for Soul Silver, not for the Obama Administration) is clean and crisp. You could eat a fucking steak off of it. Use your knife, it won’t even scratch the surface, because the game’s just so fucking solid. Graphics, music, pacing: I’m just under 10 hours in and I want to play more. I’m not pushing myself through, praying for release, like I was with stuff like Pokemon X, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which is also a good game but one I grew tired of. This is some of the best sprite art, and a fantastic remake of this era of Pokemon.

I also just love this era of Pokemon.

I even caught a ton of Zubats to insure I got the most fitting nature. I’M A FUCKIN NERD EVEN!! But doing so wasn’t even a huge deal, because the battle system in this game is so fast when you disable animations and quicken text. It’s so fantastic, I could just speed through when I’m trying to grind, which is a REQUIREMENT when grinding on a JRPG! Especially in Pokemon, where grinding is NECESSARY.

I played Rogue Legacy and a little bit of Dragon Age Inquisition but WHO GIVES A SHIT POKEMON.

Small Child



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