Day Three


I played Dark Souls III some more. YEAH!

Black Metal 01.jpg
Black Metal as Fuck

I found the bastard sword. Praise the Fine Work!

That was a reference. Didn’t get it? That’s because you’re not me. Bet you wish you were me.

Every time you beat a boss, everyone writes the message Fine Work! Usually, in Souls games, it would be Praise the Sun! Someone out there was observant to this pattern, as they wrote a message that said “Prepare for Fine Work.” Love it. So now, I drop that message everywhere.

Is there a way to write Praise the Fine Work!? I hope so. Suppose I’ll see, next time I jump in.

Which is right after I’m done writing because fuck I love this game.

Black metal 03 - Copy.jpg

This level was so fucking metal, I couldn’t believe it. Well, maybe I can, because Demon’s/Dark Souls and Bloodborne were pretty fuckin’ metal. This level had so many hanging bodies, and all the enemies were cool. There’s this cage full of corpses that crawls toward the player like a spider. And then there’s a fat chick who fucking walks forward toward you, reads from a book, engulfs herself in flames, and then hugs you. She also laughs and talks a bunch of shit. Like Bloodborne!

Took me quite a while to traverse this area. There were many turns, and easy to miss doors, and the enemies were definitely in crowds. There was one area that is constantly under fire from a fuckhead on a tower–a giant shooting a great bow. The good thing is if you’re smart you can bait enemies to activate and run after you. Run away far enough and that giant will target those enemies and kill them.

Then this happened:

I also experienced a hallowing effect on my character. I wouldn’t have noticed it until my girlfriend Marie asked to see my character’s face. I checked and what? He was suddenly zombie man? You can kinda tell in the pictures if you look close enough. I finally figured out how to return him to human. See:

Sexy Fashion - Copy.jpgIsn’t he beautiful?

I have him wearing lighter armor now so that I can hover around 50% equipment burden. I wanna roll fast with the bastard. I actually have not detected much of a difference in defense, so it hasn’t really harmed my playing. But then again, I haven’t found much armor, so I may not possess anything meaningful in terms of protection.

One thing I haven’t been able to grasp in online connectivity. I wrote in my first impressions post that I accidentally tried summoning help for a boss, and it didn’t connect. Today I found the blue sentinel covenant, which when equipped automatically summons you to defend players when they’ve been invaded. I only got one invasion and one person to summon me, but the connection didn’t work. I switched my options setting to allow non-local matchmaking, so maybe, for whatever reason, that will work? Dark Souls II had laggy non-local, but if you stayed local you didn’t get much activity. So I don’t know. I’m going to try harder to play online tonight, co-op and PVP, and I’ll see what happens.

That said this will be my last daily update as far as impressions go. I figure three days, and over 10 hours, is enough for initial impressions. I think this game is great! If my feelings maintain, I may claim this thing to be the best out of the Soulsborne series. And that’s a huge statement to make for me, because Dark Souls 1 is one of my favorite games of all time.

I mean, this game is better mechanically because it’s new, but it won’t give you that sense of absolute awe you got the first time you played, and eventually beat, a Souls game. That’s why most people who play these games claim their first is always the best, rather it be Demon’s or Dark 1. People who say Dark Souls II is the best may be utterly wrong, but they certainly prove that theory may have merit.

Still, this game is just incredible so far. Bare in mind, 11 hours is absolutely nothing, and I have yet to get online to work, NOR have I experienced with it at all. I have so much game left to go, and already I know I’ll be playing this game multiple times. I can’t wait to get back and see if I can answer my questions. It’s great to have a game this full of mystery again, and even though Bloodborne came out just one year ago, I feel happy to once again be playing a Souls game.


Don’t worry. I’ll be writing more. I cannot forget the annals, after all. Especially after this playthrough is complete. Because you know the first thing I’m going to do is create my favorite strength build–Mountain Dew King. Until that day comes, raise your Gamer Fuel, or your live wire, or your pitch black, or your white out, or your diet, or your kickstart, or your monster energy, or your amp, or your classic, or your code red, and just kick back that sugar and corn syrup. Try not to die. I’ll be back soon.




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