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Yes I do.

And why are you yelling at me? Please get a hold of yourself.

I took a bit of a vacation, both from work and then from writing. During my work vacation I worked on my short story that I’m currently writing, titled “Into the Grave,” which sounds very edgy. But it is not I swear. I completed my first revision, so don’t remotely expect to see this story ever unless you keep up with me for ten years. I tend to hold onto my babies until they’re suffocating.

I told you I’m NOT edgy.

Then I went back to work and immediately I shed all amount of refreshment I gained during my vacation. Which means no freetime writing.

But stuff has happened. E3 happened last week, and I have a lot to talk about with some of the stuff I’ve seen and heard about. I’ve also been fucking everywhere with my video games, to the point that I can’t casually answer the question “what video games have you been playing” out of fear that we’d be there all day.

So here I’ll describe that journey. It is a journey of dreams. Heartache. Agony. And video games.

It’s actually just video games. That other shit is unrelated.

Before my vacation I had a chip on my shoulder and that chip was called RUNE. I was going to complete this game and review it for the site. Or so I thought. I was also going to play a bunch of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, because I need to do so for a thing I’m doing with my friends. I did do some of that, but I definitely could have done more. I caught Kyogre and defeated the 8th gym using only Kyogre, who is a water type dominating a water type gym. That was hilarious. I’ve got the elite four left, and then I’m going to be grinding to level up the Poke’s I want to use for that thing why my friends. What am I doing with my friends, you ask?

I can’t legally get into that.

Instead of all that I dealt with a very serious issue. A craving. Video game cravings seize me with unquenchable thirst, leading to me buying and downloading like crazy until I can get what I need. The issue is I never know exactly what I need, so I play a game and find out no, this is not what I need, until I find what meets an unseen criteria.


This time I was looking for a CRPG. I NEEDED to play a CRPG. I had watched videos about a series known as ULTIMA, and I wanted to play something similar to that…something with freedom, character progression, and depth. I couldn’t play the Ultima games because they were way too old and thus too clumsy and archaic. I thought about it long and hard, and ultimately decided to refrain from buying any of the Ultimas.

So I tried Mount and Blade: Warband. This game is like Sid Meier’s Pirates! and if you haven’t played that game you fucking SHOULD. In that game, you’re a pirate, and your put into a world where you can do whatever you want in accordance to pirating. You find men to work for you, you find vessels to traverse the seas in search of treasure and fame. There are ship battles. There are Kings that grant missions. There is fun to be had. Mount and Blade is similar, only instead of a pirate on the sea you’re a knight in a medieval land. There’s giant battles with cavalry, infantry, and archers. There are towns you can raid. There are kings who grant missions. Countries who fight wars. It’s a game with a lot of possibilities in how your play your character, granting the kind of freedom that I wanted. However, it didn’t have enough fantasy. I wanted fantasy.

I tried to play Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which is a game I bought and played months ago. In December I believe. I think I’ve written about it on this site? I tried resuming my character’s game, and after the chunky chunks I decided I didn’t want to keep playing. That game is really good but it’s really, really slow if you want to do anything. Sometimes this is a good thing! Especially when you want to get immersed. Immersion I wanted, sure, but I needed something without the chunky chunk.

Well, how about Pillars of Eternity, I asked myself. This is a game that I will beat some day. The gameplay, the characters, the world, the story–it’s all quite amazing. I was almost satisfied with this game. Almost. The only thing missing in accordance to my specific and unknown craving was that I wanted to take control of one character. Just one. That game has you controlling six. Like a Baulder’s Gate.

Backing up a little, I must relate that throughout this time the fine boys at Good Old Games were having a killer sale to advertise their knew platform, GOG Galaxy. And because Summer so SALE. They had this pack that was very cheap, and included such games as Neverwinter Nights, and other CRPGs that are based on Dungeons and Dragons. Being that a DnD video game was exactly the kind of fantasy role playing that I desperately craved, I took advantage of the offer and purchased the pack of video games.

Neverwinter Nights had exactly what I needed. I played one character, developing them how I wanted, and I played the game how I wanted without assistance other than quests to guide my way. Everything is easy to understand and intuitive to control. The game’s rich with atmosphere even with its shitty textured polys thanks to the amazing sound design. The game’s story is interesting and full of intrigue. I played for hours as a Half Orc Barbarian. He is strong as fuck. Generally when I get into a fight my enemy becomes a red paste after one swing of my great ax. But when he speaks to people he sounds like an idiot, because he has low intelligence, and almost every character in the game is quick to point out that he’s slow in the head. I love it.

So I played hours of that. However I went on a separate journey on my console device of choice. The Playstation 4, where I forever ignore my copy of The Witcher 3, wish I could keep my interest in replying Dark Souls 3, and watch lots and lots of YouTube!

Game Style

On PS4 I took advantage of a sale, granting me a digital copy of DMC Definitive Edition. It’s a fun game, and I really enjoy all the wacky shit going on in the story. The combat system is a bit clumsy and I find it difficult to get used to, as it relies on switching between different weapons constantly to attack different foes only weak toward specific weapons. However when you pull off nice combos employing different weapons, it feels pretty good. 60 Frames Per Second also feels pretty fucking good. I understand that the game is fairly divisive, and that the version I’m playing is much superior than the original. But I like it.

I also bought the recently released Trials of the Blood Dragon. It’s also got wacky shit, and I love it. Especially because it provides nice little bursts that I can enjoy in between longer sessions of the other games I’ve been playing on PS4. Finally, it was great to see the game announced at E3, and then buy it immediately, as it was released on the same day. I really love shit like that. With so many games looking insanely appealing this year, it was great to be able to buy something cool that I saw without having to wait.

I also played Diablo III without Devan.


And finally, I played some Wind Waker and some Minish Cap on the Nintendo WiiU, which is a corpse. Both of the games are from the Legend of Zelda franchise, and I really want to play that new one they showed off at E3! I didn’t play much of either title since I started last night as I watched Money in the Bunk. But I really enjoyed my time with Minish Cap. That game is really cool and fun, and I only just got to the first dungeon (if it can be called that) before I stopped playing. Wind Waker, on the other hand, is a game I promised myself I would complete this summer. But when I started it, it seemed to daunting. The reason being I was watching wrestling and drinking, handicapping my capacity for focus. I will get back to it. I’m pretty close to being done. I just need to figure out what to do, and I need to get my barrings straight.

Also I accidentally purchased Skyrim again, this time PC, because the news about Skyrim Definitive Edition got me antsy to start playing again whoops it was on accident though.

This concludes my tiny update about my life. Stay tuned for an update regarding my thoughts on some of E3’s most exciting games, as well as a special surprise review that EVERYONE has been asking for!

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