2016 E3 Impressions Part One

E3 happened last week. I watched a lot of it. Games were shown and I got excite. Other games were announced around this time that did not show up on the conference floor, but also excite. Surprises were had, which was pretty nuts considering how much information leaked before the full event. We knew a lot going in, but we didn’t know shit. Hear me? WE DIDN’T KNOW SHIT!

So here’s my write-up of the conferences I saw concerning the games that interested me. Although some aspects of this conference were disappointing, I can say for sure that I’m exciting to be engrossed in the hobby of video games.




I didn’t watch the EA conference. Madden tournament? Weed?

snoop weed.jpg



Weird. Here I was thinking “they did Wolfenstein and DOOM, they’re bound to do Quake! But not for awhile.” WRONG. Here’s Quake! With champions. Developed by a shaky team with an unfavorable record. But it’s PC only! Yeah, I don’t know what to think about this game, but we were promised more details later this year. I’m tentatively excited.

Skyrim Special Edition

Better graphics. Mod support. You know, I was pretty excited about this game. I’ve been wanting to play Skyrim again and I was too lazy to bust out my 360 and hook it up. I wanted something I could play on my PS4 and well would you look at that! I was prepared to plop another 60 dollars on this crypt robbing simulator.

But then I bought it on PC. Because I couldn’t wait.

And look, I know console will get mods, but there’s no way in hell console will get as many. I’ve been having a blasty blast playing Skyrim on PC with mods, at 60 fps, and short as fuck load times.

So I started excited, but now I don’t know. I’m definitely not plopping another 60 for Skyrim. I’ve already paid way too much for a game I’ve, at some points in my life, called garbage. Even for how much I regretfully love this game.

Fallout 4 Stuff

VR support? Nah.

The new DLC looks amusing. Almost makes me wish I bought the season pass back when it was cheap. The Nuka World DLC looks pretty cool. I like the idea of exploring the wastes of an old amusement park.

But it’s still Fallout 4. I was so in during the first 40 to 50 hours of the game and then I just didn’t care any more. I’m sure I’ll go back to it some day. For now I’ve got Skyrim and I’d much rather play that.

Other Stuff

Don’t care about Elder Scrolls Online. DOOM‘s DLC looks interesting, but it didn’t do anything for me. I’m glad there’s a deathmatch being added finally. I still can’t figure out why that wasn’t added to begin with. Fallout Shelter is coming out for PC, and is getting a huge update. Might check that out. Elder Scrolls has a card game coming. And I don’t care.

Prey. This was definitely the surprise of Bethesda’s show. Quake was sort of leaked, but I don’t remember hearing anything about this game beyond what-ifs. It’s the game that got an exciting trailer years ago (as Prey 2) at E3 and has since gone silent. It achieved a similar status as The Last Guardian, where people begged and pleaded for this thing to be shown again to no avail.

And here it is. Looks like a horror game now. That’s different.

I was a bit disappointed. Prey 2 looked like a super ambitious first person bounty hunter game in space. I wanted that game. Really bad.

But maybe this game will be cool too. As of now I’m not sure. What we were shown wasn’t exactly enough to go by.

Finally, Bethesda’s biggest game for 2016:


Dishonored was great first person stealth combat game set in an interesting world. It’s story was a bit too simple for me, and something kept me from finishing the game, but I really enjoyed the time I spent playing it.

My favorite part of the game’s world, except that the economy was entirely run by whale oil, was that the city had a rat problem. If you played through the game killing as many fools as you wanted, then more rats would swarm the city, and appear more frequently and with greater numbers in the later levels. This is because dead bodies were piling up at a rate quicker than people could clean them up. Given the city’s plague problems, this would spread the plague faster, creating tougher enemies to compliment the tougher swarms of rats. It was a great way to reward players who play steathfully, without killing people, and it does so without relying on arbitrary  interference. The world changes according to how you play.

I think this created a final level that was so frustrating I moved on to something else. Because I definitely played that game killing everyone. It was too fun! Too satisfying. Arrest me. Go ahead. Call the cops. I don’t care.

This new game looks like a rather suitable sequel. It’s more of the same, just more. The new abilities look great, and complicated enough to set up cool scenarios. Games that give the player enough tools to experiment always have my seal of approval. And my seal approval looks like this:

Drandegun Nebs Certified Cool.jpg

And call me PC Principle but I’m ready to play as another female character in a lead role who kicks ass. I am certainly looking forward to playing this game later this year.



So Microsoft had quite a bit of announcements relating to their tech. We got specs concerning the new console, still known as Scorpio. Would be interesting if they stuck with that name. It’s coming Holiday 2017. Then we get a Xbox One Slim, or XBONES. Sexy, SEXY console. One I really want to own. It has a model that contains a 2 TB hard drive, which is perfect considering I’d be using it to play the ludicrous amount of XboxLive Indie games I owned on the 360.

Then they showed several controllers, one being a fully customizable controller that you can order where you get to configure the color of the controller plus add a little name. Cute.

Perhaps most interesting is the cross-platform talk. In an attempt to win back the hearts of gamers who left them in favor of Sony this generation, Microsoft promises that all upcoming first party games will be cross-play and cross-buy with Windows 10 PCs. This is great news for people like me who own PCs, and it’s great news for gamers at large. Cross-Play and Cross-Buy are signs of a maturing industry that is set to compete with one another. The once closed mentality is slowly dwindling away, revealing more options for consumers who may not want to purchase a console, or may not wish to purchase another copy of the same game when they own multiple platforms. Plus, more games are coming to PC from Microsoft, which is fantastic considering they abandoned the platform last generation. With the success of Steam, you really can’t ignore PC anymore.

No talk about VR. I don’t mind, since I don’t care about Virtual Reality yet, but it’s really cool to see Microsoft exercising caution when Sony is pushing VR so hard. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

A lot of the games I couldn’t give less fucks about. I’m only going to mention the ones that look appealing, or interest me in some way.

Dead Rising 4

Really stoked about this game. If I wasn’t already thinking about purchasing the Nintendo NX next year I would buy a XBONES and this would be my first $60 release. It looks just as crazy as all the other games were, plus you get to play as Frank West again. The idea that he got himself stuck in the same exact situation again is hilarious. Additionally, the idea that time limits are gone, and the Christmas aesthetic, really help to make me want to play this game. I look forward to the day when I can.

Sea of Thieves

This looks fantastic! The demo they showed, where wannabe YouTubers spew garbage as they failplay their way through a ship battle, was perhaps a terrible way to show it off. From the way it sounds, this is a Destiny-like multiplayer game with loot and instanced areas where you play as a pirate. Doing pirate things. Rad! Also it’s made by Rare, which means nothing because everyone who made GOOD Rare games left to make Yooka-Laylee, but it’s nice to see that company working on SOMETHING.

Tekken 7

This isn’t a Microsoft exclusive, but it was shown at their E3 presentation. Footage of Akuma, from Street Fighter, doing Street Fighter shit in a Tekken game. Weird as fuck. But you know what? I’M FUCKING READY FOR ANOTHER TEKKEN GAME!!! It’s been too long and I can’t fucking wait.


This was a bad boss fight. Platinum can do better than this.

The prospect of this game sounds really cool, but I want to see what the combat actually looks like. If it’s just a bunch of giant boss battles with bad QTE’s and required COOP then you’re just selling me Lost Planet 2 again and I DON’T FUCKING WANT THAT for fucks sake!

There are some heavy hitters behind this game so I want to believe that it will be a great game. This presentation did not sell me. I like the art style, and I like how it sorta appears to be a more interesting Monster Hunter as far as the RPG mechanics are concerned. Just please scrap whatever you showed and make the game good please thanks.

State of Decay 2

I loved State of Decay. It was an open world zombie survival game centered around building your camp and resource gathering. It was full of really neat ideas, and as a $15 indie release it was impressive as fuck! This game looks like it received a higher budget so I’m excited to see how it turns out. I think I remember seeing that it would have online COOP? This is definitely a game that could benefit from it!

Real quick I want to mention that the conference itself contained a bunch of really lame camera shots that showed off the stage while a FUCKING trailer was playing and it was fucking stupid. Why would you do that Microsoft? Why would you do that whoever was streaming E3? Don’t fucking do that alright thanks.

sea of thieves
MMO Huts


It’s 1:41. I haven’t played enough Skyrim today. I’m going to divide this up into parts. E3 was pretty massive as far as interest goes, so look forward to Part 2, where I’ll be going into Sony and Zelda, as well as some stuff from Ubisoft and beyond. This is Dringleboy Nebulatits signing off!

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