Roguelikes II: Pixel Dungeon, Spelunky, DoomRL

Update: Finally got a winning Isaac run! It’s been months since I’ve seen that–certainly I haven’t beaten the game since Afterbirth came out. If I have, then it was on a new save file with less stuff to unlock. Speaking of that I have updated Part I of my Roguelike series with a couple of new… Continue reading Roguelikes II: Pixel Dungeon, Spelunky, DoomRL

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Ranking the Rogue: Pixel Dungeon

My first game for my Rank the Rogue series is the roguelike–Pixel Dungeon! If you are lost as to what this “Rank the Rogue” means, I detailed that here. Basically I’m reviewing roguelikes and I’m ranking them. It’s super important and you better listen!   Pixel Dungeon is available on the PC for free, iOS,… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Pixel Dungeon


Roguelikes I: Isaac, 868-Hack, ToME

Roguelikes are, quite simply, video games like Rogue. The end.   Roguelikes are dungeon crawlers with procedural generated levels and enemies, and they are characterized by tile-based graphics, turn-based movement, and permadeath. The majority of roguelikes get inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy, and are considered to be a subgenre of RPG. The namesake,… Continue reading Roguelikes I: Isaac, 868-Hack, ToME