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Holes in my Mouth

Got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. That was a fun experience. I took the anesthesia, which dropped me in seconds, and then I woke up with a numb jaw. I didn’t do anything too silly after coming to. I just kept saying my beard felt weird. Which it did. I spent the rest of the day watching movies, and I played a tiny bit of Rogue Legacy. I also ate a lot of apple sauce. Apple sauce is great, and so is sherbet.

applesauce sherbet.jpg
Apple Sauce Sherbet. Looks good. {serious eats}

So lately I’ve been playing a lot of roguelikes. If you haven’t read it yet, here I write about what roguelikes are, and I begin a little project I’m doing. Basically I will be introducing three roguelikes a week–focusing on ones that I’ve played, of course–with some small detail of what the game is: when it came out, for what platform, and who developed it. I will also discuss the genre since these days rougelikes take many forms. I will also write about my experiences with the game. My first three featured roguelikes were The Binding of Isaac, 868-Hack, and Tales of Maj’Eyal. If any of those titles seem interesting, or if you’ve never heard of those games, or especially if you have never heard of the term “roguelike,” I recommend you give this post a read and let me know what you think! My initial idea is to make this a weekly thing, so look forward to more posts in the future about roguelikes!

Part of this project will be what I’m calling “Ranking the Rogues.” I sorta stole this idea from Giant Bomb, who does a video series called “Ranking the Fighters.” Only mine’s about roguelikes and roguelites.

The idea is I’ll choose a game and play at least ten runs. Depending on the type of game it is I will play much more: for example, Rogue Legacy requires more runs because it can actually be beaten. Pixel Dungeon, on the other hand, is a small, extremely quick roguelike, so I may play it for twenty runs instead of ten. Then, I’ll review the game, focusing on my experience with those runs. Finally, I’ll rank the rouge! This isn’t exactly the most important thing in the world but I’d figure it would be done. Obviously, the first game I do will be put on the list as number one. The second game will be evaluated, and I will decide if the game is better or worse. The third game will be ranked accordingly, and so on. This is a very scientific process not really. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. I just like the idea of doing this very important work and seeing a list at the end.

I decided to do all of these things about roguelikes not because I’m really into them right now, but because I think the genre is cool and I happen to own a lot of these fucking games. Doing so is quite easy, for I have a PC and they are all cheap indy games for the grand majority. They also tend to be very fun, in my opinion. And I thought it would be cool, and beneficial for this blog as a whole, to have some kind of resource available that I can provide. As many roguelikes as I have, it will be nice to have a reason to play them. A goal every week or so that will benefit me in a way beyond recreation, being that I can write about them.  When I finally finish who knows? Perhaps I’ll do something similar with another genre! But probably not, don’t get your hopes up.

Beyond rogues I’ve been playing/trying to play Pokemon GO. It’s a neat concept, but it’s been overwhelming seeing how successful the game is. Everyone seems to be playing it, and I keep seeing spots where people are just gathering to hold up their phones and look fucking stupid. That’s pretty funny. But also really, really neat. I can’t get this fucking game to work most of the time, and half the time I think it’s my old ass phone, the other half I believe its the overloaded-as-fuck servers. I don’t really know if anyone could have predicted how popular this was going to be. I mean yeah, it’s a Pokemon game. Sure, it’s mobile. But hot damn, this thing is everywhere. I’ve even seen a Donald Duck ad take advantage of the presentation of this game. Nuts!

By the way, vote Donald Duck.

That’s surprisingly it, really. Just roguelikes. Usually I’m playing a lot of different games from different genres, but lately its been just a bunch of roguelikes, mainly ones I’m thinking of reviewing first, and Tales of Maj’Eyal. I can’t explain how cool that game is. Yet. Need much more time with it.

Oh by the way, since Binding of Isaac was really my first rogue, I’m saving that ’till last on the ranking list. Preceded perhaps by Spelunky, because that might have actually been my first. But BoI really got me in there hard, to the point that everything else needed exploration. Spelunky just shoved my balls in a blender until I said “yes please kill me with another GODDAMN BOULDER WHY DID YOU DO THIS WHY.”

It wasn’t a question it was a statement go fuck yourself.

Point is I want to play a bunch of roguelikes and then see how that game stacks up. It will no doubt be quite high, being that it’s one of my top ten games ever. But who knows?

who cares
shut it, brungis

Anyway, I may update the first Ranking of the Rouge today, so keep your eyes out. Of their sockets. I don’t got time for this shit, I need you to leave your eyeballs on the desk watching this blog because I will not travel to your home just to tell you I’ve got another dank piece of writing up. Okay? Great. I’m out to play some more rogues. Sweet.

Rancid Rogueman




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