Weekly Trash

Burnt Lasagna

If you DIDN’T KNOW, I published part II of my rougelike feature last week. As always I go over three games, this time Pixel Dungeon, Spelunky, and DoomRL. SPOOKY.

overclock, Panenae’s Album. Also what?

I am here, mouth intact, wisdom teeth removal fully healed almost. And I’m going to write about video games.

So, I’ve dipped my toes in several vats over the last two weeks. By that, I mean I’ve played a lot of video games. Is that a weird metaphor? That’s fine. Yeah. That’s probably fine.

I played a lot of wrestling games. I played a lot of WWE 2k16, simulating a giant tournament, getting fed up with the chunky CAW suite, and over all not enjoying my time. So then I broke out the N64 and played some classics. WcW vs nWo Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, and my boy–WWF No Mercy. Great times were had, and my spirit was lit on fire. Wrestling fire. I suplexed my way into my nearest classic gaming shop and purchased two fine PS2 games–WWE Smackdown Shut Your Moth! And WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006. Shut Your Mouth was a favorite of mine growing up (I think I liked it better than Here Comes the Pain back then), and I’m totally new to the Smackdown vs Raw series. It’s in-ring gameplay is phenomenal, the story mode is a fucking fantastic riot, and I get to wrestle as my boy–Kurt Angle! When he was at the top of his game. It’s true. It’s damn true! Last night I popped 2k16 back in, to finish that tournament and do some playing on MyCareer, and I found myself enjoying it again. So I don’t know if exploring the older titles made me appreciate what was there, and I don’t know if this extended period of playing wresting games made me better at 2k16, but I definitely like it much more now that I’ve been playing it again.

Maybe I’d do something with all these wrestling games. maybe

enter the gungeon.jpg

Other than that I’ve played a bunch of Enter the Gungeon, a roguelite released earlier this year. Having a blasty blast. Might do something with that. maybe

And I restarted Persona 3 on the PS2! Such a fine, happy game to be playing. It’s a nice break from wrestling and roguelikes, and I’ve been taking it fairly slow. Playing a little bit every day to cleanse the pallet. The music is very catchy and fun, and I always laugh at how indistinguishable the lyrics appear to me. I’ve even looked these lyrics up and I can’t understand what the hell they’re saying. Something about burnt lasagna? I just got back to my dorm why are you rapping about LASAGNA IS IT LASAGNA NIGHT?

I hate lasagna. Especially when it’s burnt. FUCK.

Now I want lasagna.

lucha underground 01.jpg
wrestling inc

I’ve also found myself diddling with SMT IV (No, I’m not going to spell that out) and Fantasy Life. Both games I can play on my 3DS while I’m watching Lucha Underground without paying that much attention. They’re good games while concentrating and great games while multitasking SO COOL.

starbound leaving orbit.jpg

And FINALLY THE ROCK HAS on pc I’ve been playing Starbound, which just came off early access after years of constant development. It’s a lot different than I remember. MAYBE I’LL DO SOMETHING WITH THAT JUST MAYBE.

That’s all for this very short update post. Expect some more content in the near future. Maybe even today! Probably not today.

crusty bucket



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