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For context.

Also if you are even a little interested in wrestling watch this video. These guys are thoroughly entertaining, and better quality videos are available here.

Real quick if you didn’t read it yesterday I dropped my Ranking of Enter the Gungeon here. It’s a good discussion I think. One that I had fun writing, and one that I think makes for an interesting read. I already have my next Ranking planned so stay tuned for that. I’m also planning on doing the same with wresting games just not sure when I’ll begin that. Perhaps after my next ranking.

Video games done it again! Three games have recently come out and they’ve been fuckin phenomenal. See? That’s still alliteration because the f sound is the same as the ph sound. Got it?

It’s No Man’s Sky, Brut@l, and holy shit! A Metroid game in 2016? AMR2, yes indeed!

No Man’s Sky

no man's purple sky.jpg

Was this game hyped to hell and back? Yes it was. Did I ignore it for several months up until it was released? Yes I did. Does this always happen? Absolutely. It’s unavoidable. When a game is hyped to hell and back, and I possess the means (in the way of games to trade in), I will seek and destroy. No one is safe. Not even video games.

Hear that video games? HUH? DO YOU HEAR THAT?

No Man’s Sky is a game that is right up my alley. And thankfully with the several forms of video technologies available to us ESPECIALLY streaming, I was able to tell this was a game right up my alley the NIGHT it was released!

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration. The game boosts nearly infinite procedurally generated levels, or worlds, that which the player can explore. Travel is granted through space with a…space ship duh….and such travel occurs seamlessly from planet to space to planet. That’s right. No real loading screens. Awesome!

Now this game may seem void to some people out there, and if you’re looking for some bullshit packed in with your exploration I can assure you there is plenty to do here, but it’s also something you just kinda have to experience for yourself. Look at videos/streams to see if it looks appealing. If exploration on alien planets seems appealing in the slightest bit I’m sure you will like the game. Now rather it’s better on PC or PS4 I cannot say. The PC version has been pushed back to Friday, so obviously I got the game on PS4. The draw distance might be a bit poor, and textures aren’t the greatest when you’re up close, but I haven’t seen this get in the way of my enjoyment so far. What I did experience was addictive exploration based gameplay that kept me hooked for hours straight and these days that’s pretty rare.

There’s been a rather large backlash about this game and I think I can understand that. While I can’t understand why people allow themselves to get overbearingly hyped for something I can understand why people might have been mislead. OR…not led at all. I mean when I was looking at trailers, and listening to opinions from trade shows, I thought to myself “this is exploration based with survival mechanics. Like a pretty Minecraft without the building.” AND THAT’S WHAT WE GOT ISN’T IT!?! But Hello Games; developers yeah? They didn’t exactly explain what this game was very well. Every time I heard them speak about No Man’s Sky they’d talk about the endless procedurally generated worlds. There was even confusion about multiplayer! Someone said the galaxy is so big you wouldn’t likely ever bump into another player. But the goal is about reaching the center of the galaxy, you dig? You’d definitely bump into another player if it were multiplayer.

Anyway, someone has gone out of the way to prove that multiplayer doesn’t exist because two players got the same exact planet and they were not there together. And to me this checks out. That pitch of “no two players will meet our galaxy is so big” makes no sense what so ever and was likely a communication error by good ol’ advertisement. Fact check you monkeys!

However this game is getting updates in the form of free content and as it is, I find it very enjoyable AND COMPLETE. Look forward to some more elaboration for I’ve yet to scratch the surface.



With a great art style and an even greater combat system, Brut@l has just continued to impress me. I’ve only experienced a handful of runs, all longer than your typical indie roguelites,  but rest assured this is a roguelite worth one’s time and money. I happened to pick it up for about eleven bucks as a preorder, but I wouldn’t have any problem slapping down the original fifteen. It’s a great game with a lot of staying power in terms of sticking to that roguelike video game rotation slot.

There’s not much I want to dive into at this time about Brut@l. Probably because I will rank it against my current list of Rogues. But very quickly: I think the controls feel weird at first but easy to get used to, I think the combat shows a remarkable amount of depth that continues to surprise me, and I hate the platforming for falling into gaps has contributed to about 60% of my deaths okay cool.

Another Metroid Remake 2

another metroid remake 2.png

Holy fuck!

This game is a labor of love that is available for free if you know where to look for them. The original downloads have been taken down, but fans already downloaded it Nintendo, so you can’t remove them forever!!

(pst….torrent it…it’s a completely free fan remake just torrent it…)

This is a remake of Metroid 2, which was on the original Gameboy, with fresh new graphics (similar to Super Metroid), amazingly redone music, added gameplay features from Metroid Zero Mission, and added stuff like mini bosses and areas.

The game comes with controller support. I plugged in my PS4 controller and just started playing; no fiddling around with changing the controls was necessary. And the game controls like a dream. Straight up–this fan-made game has that Nintendo quality you would expect purchasing one of their products. It’s simply amazing.

I’m not very far in but I’m really enjoying what I’ve played. I’ve never played Metroid 2 and I’ve always heard of its outstanding quality so I’m really in for a treat. Metroid is a tragic video games series that was amazing, then disappeared during the N64, then came back and did super amazing thanks to Retro and their FPS series–Metroid Prime, on the Gamecube and Wii. And during that same time we got amazing Metroids on GBA what with Zero Mission and Fusion! Then that other Metroid game came out for the Wii and everything’s ruined again and Nintendo has forgotten about one of their most interesting franchises.

Samus? Who’s that? You mean that chick in Smash Brothers?

It feels amazing to be playing a new 2D Metroid game in 2016 even if it’s just a fan project remake of the old Gameboy game. This game launched on the 30th birthday and was around just long enough to get torrents before Nintendo shut it down. So go out there and get it!

And if you’ve never played a Metroid game you really should. Metroid is a ground-breaking series responsible for the genre Metroidvania. Meaning yeah–without Metroid we’d never have Castlevania Symphony of the Night. And that’s like one of the greatest games! We might not even get Dark Souls! Because that game is basically a Metroidvania! SHEEEEET.

But basically you explore alien worlds hunting for Metroids as well as upgrading your suit along the way. There are tons of secrets that require thinking and knowledge of your abilities. This series has always been the best video game series when it comes to making things look alien, and the atmosphere is really strong thanks to the amazing music every title possesses. It’s really a special series that Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about.

I man Federation Force? Are you fucking serious? Go fuck yourself.

grunge socks






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