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Hello. My name is boy. And I’m writing stuff things. I like to things. And write stuff.

I’ve been away for awhile because my computer is ripped out of my electrical sockets, and sitting on my dining room table covered in blankets. See, the room in which my computer has typically called home–a room we, in the boy household, typically call “the office”–has had ceiling problems ALL SUMMER. Ever since we began living in this apartment, in fact. The air conditioning unit, located in the attic, has this condensation line that constantly sweats while the air is on. This leakage wets the ceiling, weighing it down until cracks and holes form. Said ceiling then leaks. So now my computer is out of there, and maintenance is being performed to fix up that ceiling for the second time (last summer they had to fix it (those that came to fix it were terrible, and they took forfuckingever to complete their task (I wish them well and I’m thankful for their help (I don’t need these parenthesis anymore shall I close this clause (YES YES YES (NO NO NO (YES YES YES (NO NO NO (Okay I’ll stop (CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAA (I’m done))))))))))).

So in an attempt to keep this blog alive, to update you fine folks, and to write a list about what I am playing and what games I’m looking forward to, here’s an UPDATE.

Games I am Playing

I would be here all fucking day if I listed every single game I have played since my last update. So, here are my primary focuses, which I will proceed to spend all day writing about okay good here:

Dragon Quest IV

I’m trying to beat this game, on my 3DS (it was a DS remake of a Super Nintendo game), before September the 16th. Dragon Quest VII (A 3DS remake of a PSX game) comes out that day, and I want to have a “basic” Dragon Quest game completed before this game comes out. So, I am really going to town here.

And it’s been nice! The grinding in Dragon Quest games, at least the ones that I have experiences, are involved enough to feel rewarded when one levels up, and challenging enough during dungeons, but overall the combat feels easy and simple enough that I can sit here and play the game while watching stuff on the TV quite easily. The story is interesting in that the game is divided into chapters, each containing self-contained plots and characters. I’m on chapter 3 and playing as a shopkeeper. Which is awesome. I’m selling and buying items from strangers, and since recently I got enough money doing that to buy my own recourses, I’m venturing out into the world to find more valuable treasures. This was a surprise completely different than the rest of the game–the game is a fairly basic JRPG with great character art and music. I love this game, and I’m glad to finally be compelled to beat it.

Final Fantasy IX

Another JRPG. One I will beat. I will.

FFIX is my favorite Final Fantasy game. It always has been. That said, I never completed it due to cheating myself out of enjoying what I was playing back when I was about twelve. Maybe eleven. I love the music, the characters, the ability system, the battle system, and I love how the game’s story is playful while still being dark at times. I can’t stand games with dark stories that are too self serious. But I’m also not one with the patience for games that leave out darkness in order to craft a safe environment intendedly suitable for children. This game, I think, has the perfect balance, while being a great classic JRPG with that weird Final Fantasy flavor.

What is that flavor?

Belts. Weird belts, everywhere, for no reason. That is the Final Fantasy Flavor. Belts wrapped around clothes all over the place for no reason. Is it a style? Is it a lifestyle? A way of life, perchance? Who cares?

Someone cares.

There’s not much else to say.

Because I plan to review the game moving on

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

I didn’t have a PSX growing up–I was a Nintendo boy through and through. So I missed out on these games, and the Spyros, that are remembered so fondly.

My girlfriend loves this game so I’m playing it with her and having quite a bit of fun. It’s nice to see how well the game holds up, though I feel the controls aren’t completely there, I really like what I’ve played so far.

Ratchet and Clank

Like, the first one. Not the 2016. The on that was included in the PS3 HD compilation pack of the first three Ratchet games (from PS2). I love these games, I love this game. I only beat Going Commando, so perhaps I will now go on to defeat these three games in order. Because SCIENCE.

No I’m not Ranking the Ratchet. That is a clearly well-done pun, and the alliteration makes it particularly attractive.  May it rest forever as the title of a piece I will not do.

This is a good game that I’m playing to have fun. It’s a fun game. I like fun. And games.


Just kidding I will list the other games. Just have nothing special about them to talk about, or I’m not really focusing on them, I just thought WHY NOT DOCUMENT WHAT I’M DOING?



Fallout 4, Battlefield One (beta), Dark Cloud 2, Hacknet, Farcry 4, Dragon Quest (the first one on mobile), WWE 2k16.

Okay FINE, that’s not a lot of games. At all. BUT IT FEELS LIKE A LOT GODDAMNIT.


Holidays are coming, right? Here’s what I want to play, both new releases, past releases, and future releases.

Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest Builders.

WWE 2k17

Deux Ex Mankind Divided

Ratchet and Clank (2016)



Overwatch (or more Overwatch)

Battlefield One (or MORE Battlefield One)

Pokemon Sun

Berserk (still don’t know if this MUSOU game is coming out)

Attack on Titan

Kinda curious about the GOD EATER games.

Dark Souls III DLC

And that’s “it.” There are more games coming out that seem interesting, but RIGHT NOW, that’s what I’m looking forward to!

Take advantage of the comments section if you have anything to say. What are you looking forward to? What can you tell me about Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest, or JRPGs in general? I’m going through a JRPG Renaissance because I’m finally feeling compelled to enjoy these games, so help me out here–what should I play? Do you like Ratchet and Clank? You should. If you don’t, then you should try harder.

See you later. Hopefully my ceiling will be fixed and I’ll be back to posting more regularly!

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