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Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne

This roguelike good I like this video game 10/10 Five stars 40/40 metacritic = 100.   6/10-IGN “I died a lot.” Hi people. It’s time for another ranking; this time roguelike; this time Nuclear Throne. A game with birdmen, fat lizard things, fish who roll, and terrifying memes. It’s isometric shoot-em-up action structured in a… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne

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November Trash -1. “The Top 10.” Garbage. Waste.

It’s finally November hurray! A month for gorging yourself, if your American, and wasting your potential for voting for the greater of two evils (OR YOU COULD VOTE FOR DONALD DUCK), if your American. It’s also the month novelists are supposed to finish their novels. I’m not doing that at all! You gotta have a… Continue reading November Trash -1. “The Top 10.” Garbage. Waste.