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Black Friday Garbage Post!

Yo! It’s black friday and for me that means buying video games for cheap for myself!

I think the intention is to provide ways to buy Christmas gifts for cheap but…nah.

So here’s a Black Friday memory. I once lived a town away from where I do now, and where I live now has a lot of stores and a mall. So naturally I wanted to come here for Black Friday to see what was going on. I wanted to pick up Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on this particular outing, and Kmart apparently had a 50% off deal there, so that’s where we went first.

To make matters hilarious, I got into my car and the fucking headlights didn’t work whatsoever. Only the brights. It was six, maybe seven in the morning, so the sun hadn’t rose yet, and I was driving down the highway and through this town with no headlights out of courtesy for the the other drivers. Didn’t want to blind them with my brights on. My girlfriend at the time was exasperated because I couldn’t see where I was going even though I had a perfectly working pair of brights. “I don’t want to blind anyone,” I said. She thought that was better than accidentally wrecking into anybody, and she was completely right!

Before that particular conversation we went to Kmart which was just off the highway. We stood in line for at least half an hour–the electronics seemed to be the busiest place in the store. When I finally got to the front the lady frowned at my copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. She told me to pay her $60. I said but there was an ad that said $30.


She completely refused to give me the deal. What could I do? I could have made a huge fuss and refused to budge until I got my promised deal. But remember that thing with my headlights? I’m way too nice to strangers for that business. Especially those working retail, and especially on Black Friday. I didn’t fucking need an Assassin’s Creed game that badly. I gave up and left the line, laughing that the bucktown* people around me got hot and bothered when they saw three people leaving the line, one with an actual item they wanted to buy. We had been surrounded by trashy moms bitching about every single thing in the universe that entire hour long wait.

Luckily for us, that was the only Black Friday experience we actually had that day. We hit up Best Buy, which was surprisingly navigable, as was the Gamestop in the mall. The mall was a little crazy, and certainly full of trashy parents buying shit for their trashy children, but the store itself wasn’t bad. I don’t think we went into the Target in the mall that year, which was a good move. Targets are nightmares even without the black friday sales. I never want to go to my Target on Black Friday.

Speaking of Black Friday there’s a lot of sales going on this year. On that particular year there wasn’t anything worth picking up besides Fable 3, which I brought home and immediately regretted. That game wasn’t worth picking up either. There are many, many more good deals exiting today, although I haven’t really participated in the bigger deals of recent games since I already own the games I want to own. I definitely shot a glance at a few titles like the new Deus Ex that’s on sale in various locations, and the console version of Overwatch which is on sale at Gamestop. Those are good pickups, I just don’t need them right now.

I did however take advantage of the recent Steam Autumn sale that’s going on. Here are the games I have purchased.


A fun FPS roguelike that plays kinda like Fallout and feels, looks, and sounds like Borderlands. Very fun game, and worth looking at if you’re into roguelikes and roguelites. I’ve had my eye on this game since its release.

Ys The Oath in Felghana

Widely touted as one of the best titles in the Ys series, which I’ve been meaning to break into for some time now. They’re a bunch of hard ass action RPGs with awesome soundtracks.

Serious Sam 3: BFE

I loved the original Serious Sam. It’s a classic FPS that doesn’t take anything serious, thus the name, and  features giant swarms of enemies to render bloody piles of mess. The third one was done in a new modern engine so it has the look of a Xbox 360 game, and to my surprise runs really well on my slightly below average PC. There are a few design decisions that I don’t agree with, but overall I think this game does well in capturing what made the first game great: stupid gorey shooting.

Castle Crashers

I owned the game on 360 but never on PC. Now that I have given up my 360 and have found myself on multiple occasions wanting to play Castle Crashers I felt like now was the time to indulge in some more stupid spending for another copy of a video game I have already owned on another platform. And I’m glad to have done so, since I will likely get my “money’s worth” playing the game locally with my current girlfriend.

And while not on sale for Autumn, I did buy Even the Ocean while it was 10% off (release sale). This game is very special, and I’m excited to talk about it more with everyone once I’ve beaten the game.

Have you picked up anything this year? Do you have any good Black Friday tales? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading. I guess I’m a YouTuber now? But this is a blog! Oh well.

*Bucktown(adjective)–trashy in ways of mannerisms, language, dress, actions, preferences, and physical appearances. Can be used to explain a person, or an object that such a person would enjoy.

example sentences.

The mom screamed at her child at Applebees. She was being bucktown.

Mountain Dew is bucktown. 

He smiled with bucktown teeth that were fully rotted and mostly missing.

His mammoth gut was draped with a bucktown wolf t-shirt.

this boy is bucktown

black friday is bucktown



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