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Hey it’s been a minute since I updated the blog! This is the first post of 2017, in fact. If you’d like to read my last entry, my Top 21 Games of 2016, you should do that here!


So last year I dedicated much of my free time writing for this blog. I attempted to write one blog entry per week. It was fun to write for the blog, and it somewhat created this feeling that devoting hours of my life to playing video games wasn’t a total waste of my time. Because I could take that time and I could write about it, making it all productive!

On the other hand my fiction writing really suffered. I became an unfocused mess moving from one project to the next purely because I couldn’t finish anything. Look at the name of my blog! “First Draft in the Trash.” Except there are about twenty drafts, and they’re all sitting on the table just inches away from the trash. Now anytime I want to write, or work on something in a productive manner, I have to think where I should start! And work on any one thing means the other has to suffer!

Right now I’m working on a pet project that’s lingered in my mind for years. That’s a huge (yuge) one–a piece of fiction more suitable to a novel than a shorter story. It’s a fantasy novel that revolves around a character I dreamt up in college named Tarrentine–a dragon slayer who hates his job due to monotony, echoing my real life relationship with my own tedious work. Right now I’m in the process of slowly writing the beginning chapters while ironing out the lore of the world, and planning out where the story goes from there. It’s nice because I can think up lore while I’m at my brainless job, but it’s daunting because I often feel like I’m not the writer this piece demands. I’ll no doubt continue picking at it in my brain, though. I’m too stubborn to let things completely die once I’ve tasted the promise.

Next there’s a piece of flash fiction somewhat relevant to our newly established president, and the political and social climate surrounding said president. I’m working on a third draft of this piece (so HAHA, I CAN take it past the first draft!) but my desire for escapism pulls me away from really putting in the work. Perhaps once I’ve distanced myself with time from this mentally traumatizing election I can find it within myself to put this baby to bed. Until then the baby is just going to wail in my brain: keeping me up a night. Preventing productive writing of other form.

Luckily I have special people that surround me. I’m working on a project with a friend from work named Devan–a boy I have reviewed a few times (still planning on working on that third review, don’t worry Devan)–and progress is advancing rapidly due to the recent nature of our coexisting work schedule. It’s always nice (perhaps even vital) to have at least one creative task progress productively, and in a rewarding way. It certainly helps to be working on said project with another person. More details will surface once that project has come together.

Secondly, I have purchased an Xbox One with the intent of playing Overwatch with another group of friends from work who just recently got into the game, and I’m having a blast with that. Overwatch was a wonderful experience on PC, and in many ways that would have to be the experience I recommend to anyone wanting to get into the game, however the game is just as good on console. There are less people playing, and controls still feel strange, requiring more time to get used to. But I love playing this game on a couch free from fear. Fear of my mediocre PC catching on fire. This game continues to be one of the greatest multiplayer experiences I’ve had since Team Fortress 2, and I look forward to many more hours spent in the salt mines with my dear boy Junkrat.

this is a pro-junkrat blog

Thirdly, I’m approaching my Fourth anniversary with my beautiful girlfriend Marie. She continues to inspire me to improve myself mentally, emotionally, and physically purely so that I may feel that I am good enough to call her my partner. I am constantly at awe as to how I could end up with someone as intelligent and caring as Marie, and I’m even more shocked that we have so much in common. She is the perfect person to have in my life.

Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone who has followed, shared, and liked my writing on firstdraftinthetrashblog. That URL is ridiculous. I am thankful for you all. I will not stop writing on the blog, but I will slow down output so that I can focus on other projects, and so that I can increase the quality of my writing here on the blog. I can’t write top 10s for the rest of my life, nor can I review roguelikes for the rest of my life. I would go insane and begin feasting upon my own flesh and guts.


I have a few blogs planned in the brain can. A look at DOOM, and how the newest installment not only out-doomed Doom 3, but helped define what “doom” means in the video game industry. I also want to review the new Doom, as well as identify my true top 10 games of 2016 (a post that will come hilariously late in the year of 2017, I’m sure). I also want to write more about fiction writing, wrestling, and music, so look forward to posts unrelated to the video game industry. Those plus others, like this spark in my mind about an exploration of PVP and video games, and more are in store for the year of 2016. I may even write some fiction about my Oblivion and Skyrim characters, since I’ve become enthralled with those again…please send help.


hopeless and optimistic/not emo



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