Impressions · Weekly Trash

What have I been Doing?


Stacked higher than sight can reach.

I built a wall out of whatever I could find in my apartment: books, amazon boxes, pizza boxes, bags, bags full of bags, paper towels, toilet paper, more books, banana peels, CDs, cases for DVDs and Blu Rays maybe other games, bags of rice and coffee, boxes of noodles and jars of pasta sauce, pots and pans, plates, forks, spoons, and knives, soap, shoes, loose sheets of papers and old mail from hungry credit card companies, maybe a table or two some chairs and a sofa, coats and shirts, more books, a gun not a gun, still more books, I have lots of fucking books dude, my wall–point case–my wall is fucking huge and it’s layered with everything I put together my life with topped off with a dusty Everlast MMA kick bag and a spineless puppet but I leave a little window so I can look out. Because curiosity can never be cured by danger and the following pursuit of safety.

And they’re still coming. Stacked so high that they’re actually coming at me because they have nowhere to stack.

When they pierce the clouds they are surrounded by lightening so powerful it looks certain the tower will crumble. But nothing topple such a powerful totem.

Because these games are hot. Too hot. To good to ignore. I try, but I fail, and now I’m playing lots of games.

That’s how it works, Stephen. For fuck sake, have you been paying attention?

In the coming week I’m going to be writing impressions about some of these games. Stay tuned.




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