Nier Automata Impressions (PS4)

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Nier Automita is the sequel to a game called Nier: a strange JRPG on the 360 and PS3 that was about artificial intelligence and clones and demons. But it was also a neat experimentation in genre meshing: you had an open world action RPG with quests and combos that would suddenly become a shmup once the player entered particular dungeons. Once you beat the game you’re recommended to play new game plus, and once you do you are greeted with a completely different story that is presented like a text adventure instead of an open world RPG. There are many playthroughs that add to the complete story, and to get that complete story you have to beat the game several times. Doing so is actually worth it because the game changes so much.

Nier Automata is similar in that there are weird shmup sequences and other genre meshing and there is a strong incentive to play the game multiple times in the form of differing gameplay and additional story discovery, however this time MOTHER FUCKIN PLATINUM GAMES DEVELOPED THE COMBAT.

hell yeah
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Hi I’m back you wouldn’t have known it but I actually took a break from writing this so that I could finish the game’s first playthrough. I didn’t want to shatter the illusion that I wrote this one sitting–but that didn’t happen.



I’m sorry.



After the first ending I can say that this game is compelling. That’s a simple statement to make, and it may not seem like a large claim, but this video game is a total package in terms of quality. The music is amazing, the story is interesting and leaves the player eager to learn more about the world and its characters, the character progression is fun and feels free without arresting the player’s total attention like mechanics in other RPGs, and the combat is satisfying without becoming impenetrable. While a lot of RPGs tend to load their games with fluff in order to conform to this idea that RPGs must be long and must feature x amount of gameplay hours in order to become worthy of someone’s time and money, Nier Automata is a package of quality content that comes together to form something special. It’s a compelling-ass video game.

And it has to be. The first playthrough of the game was about 13 hours for me, and it can be shorter for those that don’t linger as much as I did, but soon after the credits a message pops up inviting players to play through the game a second time in order to experience more of the story. If the game was boring in any way I would brush off this request and move on to something else. That’s just who I am. I want enjoy playing different video games more than completing them entirely. Hell, the first Nier had multiple endings and playthroughs. As interesting as they seemed, I didn’t bother.

But this is a game that demands that the player continue going. And it demands with quality. Sheer quality.

The only negative I can think of, besides the decent to poor graphics and the sometimes lackluster performance, is that this game is weird. Weird in the way that the game often becomes bizarre while trying to provoke thought. And often these silly events will be greeted in the most serious of tones by the game’s characters. Throughout the entire video game the tone blends bizarre and philosophical, and if that sort of thing turns you off, then this game may not be for you.

If you like RPGs, especially JRPGs; if you like character action games; if you like shoot em ups; if you like interesting stories; if you like robots that look like weird paint cans; if you don’t mind that your character wears a skirt constantly allowing you, the player, to see her underwear [Side note: while I’m no prude, and I firmly believe sexuality should never be banned from video games entirely, I look forward to the day where female video game protagonists aren’t designed with the philosophy of “I like pretty girls.”]; if you like a great soundtrack; if you like a video game that tries to be different while combining multiple features that fit together and perform exceedingly well; if you like all of these things, or even one of these things, you shouldn’t sleep on Nier Automata. You should sleep with Nier Automata.


Look forward to a full review once I’ve completed this game.


Also, look forward to the return of a dinosaur hunting native american.


Sleepy Andriod



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