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Youtube (and Update)

As I said earlier this year, I decided to blog less in favor of other creative activities. I of course wrote several blog posts already detailing my impressions of this years releases thus far (and my my what a year it has already been) but I no longer required myself to write a blog or two every week. Instead I wrote when I had something to write, and I published once that writing felt complete. Which has been nice.

I have also focused heavily on YouTube. At The Holiday Boy, we’ve completed our first major effort and today (Thursaday the 11th of May) we have released our first episode of that effort.

In Rise of the Donny J: The Matrix we meet the character Donny J, and we learn what he’s been up to after his disappearance. Grab a glance into the world of a true legend!

Next Thursday the second episode will release, and the third and final episode will release the Thursday after. Don’t miss this amazing trilogy! You won’t believe what answers await to life’s greatest mysteries! Like, comment, subscribe, and tell your friends! Then tell them that the dumbass actor that plays Donny J write about video games on his dumbass blog!

Also–my personal channel is due to see some released content as well. On Whiskeyshotguns, I will be taking a look at some of my favorite games, as well as those I’ve always meant to dive into. Also, indie games, and less exposed games, will be featured for science! Come learn something new about yourself, and expect to see something this coming Sunday (the 14th of May)! Watching my video with your mom would be, quite possibly, the greatest, most thoughtful mother’s day gift ever!


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