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E3 2017 in 4k

E3 this year was


interesting to say the least. We got to see a new Mario, new Metroid games, an amazing Dragon Ball Z game, the unveiling of a $500 console, and a game where Mario shoots a gun at Rabbids. There were other things. They were

IN 4k

So let’s break down a couple of games, conferences, and otherwise relevant moments in this article about E3 2017


. Games that I write about will have relevant trailers available in case you haven’t watched them yet.

the titles are links!


Social Influencers

If you didn’t know, “YouTubers” as a term (that is, those that make content for YouTube) became “Content Creators” which has become “Social Influencers” throughout late 2016 and early 2017. This term is disgusting, because it speaks to the overall greasiness of games PR and the mentioned “Social Influencers” getting together in business for games promotion. It feels exploitive for both the “social influencer” and the fans of said “social influencer.” That term should never be used without quotation marks.

“Social Influencers”

While 2017 isn’t the first year that featured content creators in press conferences at E3, 2017’s inclusion, SPECIFICALLY with EA, was horrendous. You had people standing on stage, their teleprompters glitching or otherwise behind, with dumb looks on their faces, embarrassing everyone involved. Then you had these two jerk-offs no one has heard of talk about FIFA like their goddamn standup comedians, which was made more awkward by the fact that the crowd was not miced. Either no one was laughing, or we couldn’t hear them. There are more examples, but I’m not about to rewatch this press conference. There wasn’t anything special to note.


It was interesting to watch Microsoft sort of fumble themselves through their conference maintaining that every game they showed was shown in 4k (in that press conference theater, mind you (streaming in 4k is still impossible)). They had something to prove. They wanted people to know that their console was the most powerful console ever created. They wanted people to know that they had games to put on that console, and the entire “Xbox One Family.” They really wanted people to know that they had games. It was a shame that almost all of those games weren’t exclusives.


Xbox One Exclusive

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft manages to fulfill their promise that games on Xbox One X will be compatible with the older consoles, the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Will games look significantly worse on Xbox One to the point that they aren’t worth playing?

I kept playing on Xbox 360 well after the One released, and it didn’t take that long until the console started to see its last days. You had games like Wolfenstein The New Order, which looked horrible but played brilliantly, you had games like Destiny which were basically the same just missing some finer details and brighter polish, and then you had games like Shadow of Mordor in which entire gameplay mechanics had to be stripped out because of the 360’s ancient tech. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. I don’t have a 4k TV, likely won’t be getting one soon, and I would also rather buy a Switch than a $500 upgrade to a console I already own.

I could sit here and make fun of the name, but that’s silly. I could also show you the meme someone created about the naming convention of the Xbox and how its relates to the boxes encapsulating the consoles. Actually, I’ll just post that meme:

xbox one box.jpg

I don’t hate Xbox and I never have. I have always prefered the other two companies, but I have always enjoyed all three because I’m a fan of video games. I don’t have some weird fanboy fetishization over one company’s console product. I grew up on Nintendo and I loved Nintendo but I always felt jealous of people I knew who owned Segas and Playstations. I could never be a PC elitist either. Their are benefits to every console. Even iPhone.

That said I’d never play Virtual Boy.

Marvel vs Guilty Gear Z

dragon ball fighter z.jpg
windows central

Hot DAMN! This game was hinted at before E3, but we didn’t see the trailer until before Microsoft’s press event. We just knew there was going to be a Dragon Ball Z 2D fighter made by Arc Systemworks, famous for their Guilty Gear and Blazblue anime-inspired and stylish-as-fuck-hyper-fighters. The footage speaks for itself. It looks like Guilty Gear combined with Marvel vs Capcom, with Dragon Ball Z characters. Perfect. And the style is perhaps the most suitable style for the Dragonball franchise ever. Balls out insanity, yelling and energy waves everywhere, characters running in for assists. According to those who got hands on the demo, the game is also beginner friendly in a way the Marvel vs Capcom games were not. I greatly look forward to this game’s release.

Monster Hunter

I don’t give a single fuck. This means nothing, because I can easily be swayed. But it will take a lot of people saying this game is something more than a giant waste of time.

God of War

Trailer looked fantastic. I was excited last year, and I’m still excited. Was the only thing I watched the Sony event for. I enjoyed the first two God of War games and I’ve yet to play the third. The combat in these games doesn’t appeal to me, and the mythological setting got old after two games. I’m really excited to see a different kind of game and a different mythology, especially since I prefer Norse in the world of ancient mythologies. Just keep out quick-time events please.

Mario Odyssey

I love Mario. The series has innovative, yet often iterative. This seems like a title that innovates.

The grand reveal of course is that Mario’s hat can be used to possess various objects and enemies in the game. Once possessed objects and enemies can be controlled, and such a function is necessary to complete certain objectives in the level. For example, you can possess a Bullet Bill to fly through sections of a level to reach the next platform. Perhaps the greatest thing is once possessed creatures and objects gain Mario’s trademark hat and mustache. It looks hilarious.


Outside of this novel mechanic level design looks fun but I worry that it’ll end up kind of bland. They showed off some early levels, which I understand will present an easy difficulty by their nature, but I really want to see the insanity in the mechanics and visual design translate over to the level design. Especially since this is a 3D platformer with a bigger focus on level exploration than the Galaxy games or the 3D Land and World games, which were more about straight, linear levels. I really want to explore levels like New Donk City, see some crazy shit, but also interact with that shit in interesting ways. The mechanic of possessing enemies and objects leads me to believe that this will happen.

Monster Hunter World


Okay for real: I watched the trailer, and the thing looks interesting. I’ve always liked the idea of Monster Hunter: hunt dinosaurs with your friends, use their parts to make armor and weapons. That’s a cool ass idea. But what I didn’t like was the game feel, and how much time you must waste grinding to get drops. Game feel should be improved just by the nature of having the game on an actual home console instead of the 3DS. I hope the issue with drop rates is improved somehow, or changed. I don’t exactly want items to drop all the time, but if you want me to cut off a horn, or smash off some mud, or whatever: I better have a GOOD chance that the item will show up. I don’t want to have NOTHING after killing the same monster 10 times.

Or, at least making killing that monster fun after I’ve already killed it 10 times. Maybe this genre isn’t for me.

The other improvement I see is also explained by the title of the game: the world. It looks like an actual world, and not one that is segmented by different screens that designate areas. This is a huge difference to the formula. If this game is open world, it could be something quite special. Unless that open world is poorly designed, of course.

OH sorry I just read there ARE zones, but they aren’t separated by loading times. If you watch the trailer, you can see that they are separated by those tight corridors. Whatever CAPCOM, just make it fun!

I really like the stealth mechanic. The way in which you disguise yourself as part of the shrubbery, by wearing it on your armor, makes me think of Metal Gear Solid and its camouflage system presented in games like Snake Eater. Also really improves on the “Hunting” side of the game. I’m glad they are shaking up gameplay in these, seemingly, minor ways. It may just be enough to win me over. We’ll just have to see Mr Hunter if you meet my qualifications.



This was a surprise! We get the announcement in the press event that a Metroid Prime 4 is coming to the Switch! I never thought I’d see that, or see that a 2.5D game is coming to the 3DS, and releasing this September! Really excited: Metroid is one of my favorite franchises.

I really need to actually finish those games.

metroid return of samus.jpg

The fact that Mercury Steam (sp) is developing the 2.5D game (called Metroid: Return of Samus) has me really worried. The footage I’ve seen looks great, and I’ve read that people’s hands-on impressions were positive. But that studio is ass, and their Castlevania game sucked. I hope the Nintendo quality shines on this title, because Metroid is as a franchise, as it always has been, in a very vulnerable place in 2017. Samus needs to be more than a Smash Brothers character.


On a minor note, I will be playing Metroid games and writing about them here on my blog. I also plan to write something about the “Metroidvania” genre as well, since I have quite an extensive experience with that genre.



I love a good Spider-Man game! I haven’t really played them since Spider-Man 2, the amazing open world movie tie-in that had the greatest sense of webswinging ever (and as a movie game, was way too good). I have fond memories of playing the 2 Spider-Man titles for the N64 (and Playstation, but I played on N64), and I loved learning about the universe through those games. I still never got around to playing anything after Spider-Man 2, even though I always heard good things about some of them, but this one’s got Insomniac behind it, and it LOOKS INCREDIBLE.

Mario, Rabbids, and XCOM

Venture Beat

What the fuck?

This game came out of nowhere, and it’s actually something that looks worth playing! The idea of Mario shooting a gun makes me grin, and the fact that they literally took XCOM gameplay with RPG mechanics and put that into this totally bizarre crossover is staggering. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this thing actually is.

Wolfenstein Again: Killin Nazis Edition

Bethesda was a shitshow this year. All they did was show off games that are already out, while announcing VR versions of games that are already out. When I thought all was lost, they dropped the trailer for (now) one of my most anticipated titles of 2017.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus looks like the result of a critically and commercially successful game earning itself not only a sequel, but a pass to “do whatever the fuck you want.” The last sequence of this trailer shows a character dropping acid in the middle of a gunfight, and then protecting and talking to an imaginary cartoon character as he shifts from cover to cover, his partner slitting throats in the background. The gameplay looks equally as ludicrous, with tesla guns that zap enemies from existence, and buckets of gore seemingly inspired by the 2016 DOOM. There’s also a robot dog thingy that shoots fire from its mouth and you get to ride it.

The premise is intriguing as well. As BJ Blazkowicz you wake in an alternate reality where Nazis won WWII and took over America. A Nazi-occupied America sounds compelling as fuck and I can’t wait to see how Machine Games pulls this off. The character work looks amazing, with character models that actually look like they’re acting in a scene rather than glided stiffly through programmed animation. Wolfenstein: The New Order was an amazing surprise. I can’t wait for this sequel!

Oh, and also…

Here’s a quick list of games that I have short opinions on:

Battlefront II: Not that interested. Looks nice though.

Kingdom Hearts 3: I don’t give a single fuck.

Ori and the Blind Forest 2: Can’t wait. Playing through first one: a beautiful masterpiece.

Cuphead: Looks fantastic. Glad to finally have a release date.

Crackdown 3: Liked the first one. Anticipating something mediocre, but interested to see how it turns out.

Shadow of Mordor 2: Looks fucking amazing. First one was incredible. Can’t wait.

Uncharted DLC or something: What? This gets its own press-release trailer?

Beyond Good and Evil 2: Surprise trailer. Game’s still never coming out. Sorry pig fans.

Forza 4 or 5 or 78 idk: Please stop saying 9/11 It’s just kind of weird.

Devolver Digital: Both games looked great and their conference was amazing. Two Thumbs Up.


Assassin’s Creed Origins: Egypt.

Code Vein: Anime Souls.

Etrian Odyssey V: Really enjoyed what I played of IV. Might beat it one day.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Why is this only N3DS?

Kirby: Cute!

Yoshi: Cute!


Metro Exodus: Looks a little like STALKER, which is neat!

Minecraft: Minecraft still exists

Sea of Thieves: Glad to have seen more of this game. Might actually be something I pass on because it looks like it would kind of require playing in a party of four. We’ll see.

The Evil Within 2: Weird white shit everywhere

Y’s VII: Looks like a fun Japanese Action Role Playing Game and I’ll probably play it after I play the 76 other RPGs I need to beat that I already own.

Overall, this E3 was a good one. Games were shown. They looked like things I wanted to purchase. I am a consumer whore. But aren’t we all?


in 4k.

exclusive console timed k


featured picture from kotaku






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