GOTY 2017! Best Games I didn’t Play

These games are the good ones that I didn’t play.

I don’t only judge my unplayed games on reputation alone. If I see a game I know I won’t enjoy that has a high acclaim, I’m not saying it was on this small list. What I’m saying here is I fully attend to play these games one day, and I wish I did, because they really seem good.


Divinity Original Sin II

original sin 2.jpg

My computer couldn’t run this game. That’s why I didn’t play it. Upon its release, I was really jiving to the idea of sinking stupid hours into what looks like a fantastic follow-up to the modern CRPG Divinity Original Sin. Then I saw that the CPU requirements were far higher those of my rig, and I decided that I had to wait for a console port.

Please make a console port.

(The first game was amazing on console)


Follow Ups

Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn 2.jpg

I have been wanting to play this game ever since I saw its trailer at E3 in 2016. It’s a rad looking open world game with robot dinosaurs and that’s fucking rad dude. Shit.

But Zelda came out.

That’s the tragic tale of this game, I think. A huge open world game came out just before the greatest open world game of all time released. If I didn’t have a Nintendo console, I would have bought this game and hated it purely because I wouldn’t have the ability to play Breath of the Wild. But ya all know why. That game is incredible.

Everyone knows BotW is incredible. EVERYONE.

It’s impressive that the team behind Killzone made an open world game with seemingly great characters and world development. Shame Sony shit it out right before Zelda.

Fucking idiots.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

When black friday happened many games were on sale. This game, which was brand new at the time, showed to be $30 in many storefronts, so I certainly considered the purchase.

I went with Yakuza 0 instead and I definitely don’t regret that.

But from everything I’ve heard Origins sounds like the Ass Creed game for me. I’ve tried to get into the series several times but never could. It felt sluggish and unnatural. Climbing shit got boring. The open worlds sucked. And the mission design was abysmal. Black Flag was the closest to fun I had playing some Ass Creed, and I liked Ass 2 Brothers also, but eventually the gameplay and open world always got to me. It’s an interesting experience on the surface, and as I get deeper in, I fall asleep.

This one seems more like a RPG. IT seems like there are areas of the map where you will get your dick stomped in if you’re underleveled. That stuff sounds really cool. Also the game looks gorgeous. Yeah? And there’s loot?! Alright, there’s some stuff here to find–some actual gameplay reasons to explore the world. Maybe….

Maybe this is the one for me?

assassins creed origins.jpg

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Okay, I did play this game one night. I played it for a few hours when I rented it from the vending machine outside my work. I liked the story, and I fucking hated the gameplay. I hated it so much that I decided the story wasn’t worth seeing.

I’ve since heard that the story is totally worth seeing. So it makes this list purely because the experience seems well worth playing just to see the quality story.

The Evil Within II

I was too busy playing Resident Evil IV and if I wasn’t I probably would have got this game because it actually looks like a good survival horror game and in the year 2017 those games don’t exist unless you look to the PS2. Thanks for that guys. Really. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Call of Duty World War II


Sorry I just had to.

not sorry




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