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It’s a roll-up, maggle!

Get over here!


Where do these come from? Answer in the comments, or not, it doesn’t matter–there’s nothing at stake.


By the way, in case you’re worried, the GotY coverage of 2017 on firstdraftinthetrashblog is going to continue. I’m taking my time…stewing in my brain the thoughts of games both new and old.

I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter, alright. I can’t exactly write and hunt monsters. But believe me, I wish I could!

In Monster Hunter World I defeated the real boss of the game. I am now grinding solo, trying to craft out all the hammers which interest me, until the stars align, allowing Boon and I hunting time. Then, we will probably go against the most annoying mission yet: hunting two Betelgeuse at the same time.

For those not in the know, a Betelgeuse is this annoying ass flying monster that literally drops bombs like a fucking B-52 (thus, he is known online as the B-52). This coward will show up while you’re hunting high rank monsters and he instantly involves himself in every fight. The only thing you can do, unless you want to just run away and wait (you don’t want to wait because this happens multiple times a hunt) is throw dung at Beatle Juice until he leaves.

That’s right.

So I’m taking my time until I have to hunt two of these guys at once. Hunting one was a task in and of itself. I imagine two will be legendarily bullshit.

Other than MH I’ve been on another shooter kick recently. I referenced this last week in my mention of DUSK. I’ve been playing a lot of Quake for my new youtube series, Quake Exploration, where I play and explore the video games that interest me. Quake is a benchmark in FPS design. Few games are better even though it was released in 1996. Those times were special when it comes to FPS games, and id were kings. They were specifically experts in level design, and few games could really match theirs in that regard. You see examples in certain Duke 3D levels, Blood, and maybe Half-Life I guess. But for the most part nothing carries the action yet maintains that labyrinthine approach that Wolfenstein 3D and Doom had quite like Quake.

This playthrough also has me listening to the Trent Reznor soundtrack for the first time. Previously, you had to actually have the Quake disc in your CD drive, and it would play as you played through the game. This means digital versions, both legal and illegal, miss the soundtrack. You have to actually get a hold of those files somehow and activate them in the game’s files (some .ini or some such). It’s not exactly difficult but ya might wanna look up a guide. Because playing Quake with the soundtrack truly transcends the experience into (if I may use a cringy cliche) god tier. It adds a lot of atmosphere to the grimy graphics, solidifying a mood I felt the game lacked the first time I played years ago. It can truly be terrifying at times, even if you’re one of the most lethal grunts in video game history, flinging rockets and strafing a speeds MASTER CHIEF CAN’T EVEN FUCKING FLY SPACESHIPS IN.

Fuck Halo.

Also, I fuck me because I’ve always hated on Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor. I need to go back and listen to them if this music is anything like theirs.


Speaking of music, I’ve been shoveling jams lately, mining for new metal (no, not Nu Metal), and finding tasty jelly. Slugdge released a new album called Esoteric Malacology. It’s fucking fantastic front to back, playing like a good mix of bands I already like, and yet they’re two fucking people (and a drum machine eh what can you do at least it sounds natural and not mechanical). If you like Mastodon, Opeth, At the Gates, Black Dahlia Murder–check these guys out. Don’t let their wacky slug-based gimmick get in the way either. They put together some excellent melodies crafted over small-batch skull ripping rhythms.

Other than that I’ve been deep into brutal death metal lately, a genre defined by chug chug chug slam slam slam gutturals blast beats slam chug chug chug fun for the whole family. I’ve been really exploring this genre, looking at new stuff but mostly classics. Suffocation, old Cannibal Corpse (Barnes era), Deeds of Flesh, Devourment, Skinless, Cryptopsy, and Defeated Sanity are great examples as well as Dying Fetus. I’ve always loved this genre but I guess I never gave it a good proper exploration like I have with standard death metal, progressive death metal, blackened death metal, deathcore, atmospheric black metal, black metal, progressive metal, metalcore, post hardcore, thrash metal, sludge, slam, technical death metal….look, metal has a lot of subgenres. That’s what makes it great alright? Anyway, it’s really fun finally looking into this genre. I’m finding a lot of new personal classics. I knew brutal death metal was a genre but I guess I never put a name to it. This is the kind of music I crave often, and as a fan and practitioner of deep gutturals, I appreciate hearing new sounds I can now attempt to replicate in my cooler at work.

That’s about it folks. I produced a new video on my YouTube channel, so go check that out here. I appreciate the reads, if you like what you’ve read here you might want to cool off with a good laugh, which my video hopefully provides. I also hope that in the future I can be the source of all your entertainment. Look forward to future music, movies, tv shows, news, magazine articles, stories, and fine art. Thank you.

chug a chug a dub dub

i’m terrible



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