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This week I played a lot of Fallout New Vegas. I also bought into the Early Access of Amid Evil, which led me to play some Heretic. As always, I played more Quake for my playthrough on YouTube. Hopefully, you’ll see a new episode there. HOPEFULLY.

I have always had somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Fallout New Vegas. I can feel its greatness every time I play, yet I haven’t brought myself to finish it. Since I’m in the middle of another FPS thing, I thought about starting a playthrough that was totally different from how I’ve played the game before. I asked my buddy Ashmen and he told me I should try a melee character, saying it was one of the funnest ways to play the game. He also suggested that I do low intelligence. Finally, I’m siding with no one, doing missions instead for the helpful robot whatever his name is.

I looked it up. It’s Sabastion.

I didn’t look it up at all. I am lying to you.

My character’s name is Yella, for that is the first color he saw upon waking up. The bullet to the brain (which is how you begin Fallout New Vegas, by getting shot in the head) really scrambling things up. Besides screwing up his intelligence and triggering super human strength, a chip he installed in his mind has a little faulty. Previously, it would play nice jazz music whenever he uttered a phrase. (Hit it baby!) Not only does the music play constantly in his brain, but it no longer plays jazz. It plays brutal death metal. Because that’s what I listen to while playing. TOTAL IMMERSION. Because these are sounds Yella has never heard before, they terrify and confuse him, making him into the violent monster he is now.

Playing a melee character is surprisingly fun and easy in New Vegas, which I didn’t expect at all. Weapons are easy to come by, and you’re always making money selling guns and ammo. Also, with 10 endurance and agility, bullets bounce off his skin as he rushes enemies down. And he hits like a FUCKING truck!

It’s a good time.

Amid Evil is a fantastic game, and yet another brilliant indie release in this new 90’s FPS revival thing going on on Steam these days. DUSK, Ion Maiden, and now Amid Evil, are all games that wear their influences on their sleeves while bringing entirely new jackets that are very stylish and fit very nicely. That metaphor works, don’t worry about it. This game has a wonderful speed, and the guns all feel very fun to use. I am also a huge fan of the aesthetic of the game–as it’s 90’s 3d with obvious modern advancements held up with a badass fucking artstyle that I wouldn’t be surprised to see on a sick power/thrash/black/speed metal.

amid evil steam screen.jpg

what else?

I bought Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a really, really good musou game that employs characters, settings, themes, and gameplay mechanics from the Fire Emblem franchise. I had been down on FE for a while, but after playing this game, which other than being my favorite warriors game I’ve played thusfar there’s nothing else to really talk about you hit Y a lot and hit X sometimes thousands of enemies die and you level up, I have jumped straight back into the Fire Emblem side of the swimming pool and I love it!

I got Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest when they came out. I easily tired myself out trying to play both of the at the same time and had since sold my copy of Birthright. Well, I owned Conquest digitally, so I was able to jump back into that one and ever since I’ve gotten pretty deep into the complex strategic gameplay. The story is meh but the characters are really interesting, and it is really enjoyable seeing them gain more personality as I level up supports. Conquest is supposedly the most difficult out of that released trio (Birthright and Revelations being easier) but I’m still having quite a decent time progressing through the story while distributing experience points around nicely. I’m actually really looking forward to beating the game and then trying out another playthrough because I’ve already missed some interesting things and I’d love to try out other characters and strategies.

Maybe the time is right in my life for a Fire Emblem title but I haven’t had this much enjoyment since I originally played the first GBA title in the West. And I played all the way through Awakening. (It wasn’t very memorable)

Deviljho came to Monster Hunter World. He’s a bastard but it’s real fun hunting him after battling diablos, and the other elder dragons.

That’s another thing Fire Emblem is real fun after playing lots of Monster Hunter.

I’m also still playing Quake. Check it out boy! Here.

That’s all for video games. Sorry this took two weeks to write but last week I was recovering from life. Stay tuned for more waste, and specifically keep your eyes peeled for more GotY 2017 content AND reviews! Cause I wanna get back to criticism.



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