GOTY 2017! Biggest Turn!

In professional wrestling, a turn is the process, usually completed with a solitary action or set of actions during a wrestling match, that transformers that performer’s character from “heel” (bad guy) to “face” (good guy) or vice versa. As far as opinion goes, mine can turn from positive to negative and vice versa quicker than shit on a wind. Rather it’s from expanded thought, a developer’s lack of support, or a bad day, I can go from loving a game, to hating it, within a night. This category represents the times in 2017 in which this occurred. It’s not a usual category for game of the year, but this is my blog. Why not do something different? Bud?


for honor on fire.jpg

I thought this game showed well, and when it came out there was a lot of hype. I loved watching streamers play it. It looked like a completely original approach to the fighting game genre while maintaining a story and setting that seemed promising with its vikings, samurais, and knights.

For a while I thought this game was really good. I was quite addicted, and my friend Devan was also pretty into it. We experienced a decent honeymoon period that ended abruptly two weeks in, when the flaws became to much.

Now look–when a multiplayer game comes out and the servers can’t support the game I completely understand. A lot of people will bitch because they just paid $60 for a product that doesn’t work. They have every right to be upset, but I’d rather not complain about something that is kind of an inevitability. I mean don’t get me wrong–it sucks that this is an inevitability. But games ship broken all the time, and if servers not working is one of few broken aspects of a video game, I’m not going to be that upset about it.

As long as they fix it. It became very frustrating to wait there idly for twenty to thirty minutes while I tried to find a game. Certain game modes had better success, but they were the worst game modes. If I’m not going to have fun playing it, why play it at all?

The one on one multiplayer, as well as the duos gamemode, were riveting enough to carry my attention until I grew tired of the playerbase. This is more of an issue with me and multiplayer games, but toxic people piss me off, and I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t want to be pissed off all the time, especially when I’m trying to unwind playing a video game. It led me to drop other games that were multiplayer focused, and I noticed these feelings hard playing For Honor. From salty players pissed that I used totally viable tactics, to trolls ganging up on undergeared lowlevels with their buds, I quickly realized I was having no fun playing this game.

Communities for multiplayer games tend to get better within a few months of initial release, but I ended up selling the game fairly quickly while it still had value. I don’t like collecting, or holding on to things, so this is a usual practice for me.

If the single player held my attention I would have kept it longer. It seemed promising with fairly lengthy campaigns for each faction, however I couldn’t get passed the first faction I tried due to the boring dialogue, the non-existent characters, and the lazy story writing that seemed to just look for an excuse to smash the three factions together. If there was anything going on that led these three brands of warriors together I couldn’t remember what that story device was. The fact that I can’t remember it leads me to believe that either it was non-existent, or trash. I don’t expect much from video game writing, but here I wasn’t convinced I had to continue. I dropped it immediately.

But the crappiest shit in this game was the most popular game mode. In it, you fight on a team of four (maybe five) against another team, and you fight to control points on the map like the Domination game type in Call of Duty. In this game mode, the stats on armor and weapons come into play. The problem with this is the later loot completely destroys any semblance of balance, creating a playing field where those who are higher level absolutely destroy new players or those just trying to level up.

A sad disappointment. But a great concept, and honestly having given all these critiques I still think this is a good starting point for a franchise. I know they’re continuing to support the game to this day, nearly a year later, which is a practice publishers Ubisoft have been employing with games like Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I look forward to seeing a Tom Clancy’s For Honor 2: Watchdogs 3 in the future.

Honorable Mentions


I bought this game on PC and enjoyed it for a short time. Then I bought an XboneS to play it with my bone friends, and I enjoyed it for slightly longer. But the same thing happened here that happened with For Honor–I ended up hating the player base, therefore hating my time playing the game. I stuck with it for so long because the base gameplay was fun, and I loved trying out new characters all the time. But in the end I decided it wasn’t worth getting angry over all the time playing this game. I’m sure it won’t matter, given the fact that it’s one of the most popular games in the world, but I don’t see myself popping in anytime soon.

I also think events are gross. I found myself playing just to unlock the lovecraftian Zenyatta skin apart of the 2017 Halloween event. I got the skin, and then the illusion became clear. I just spent time playing a game I didn’t like just to get a cool skin. I got the cool skin, and there was nothing left for me to do. It felt cheap. The desire a purely cosmetic item; a desire that I, and many of my friends, have purchased loot boxes for. I understand that in video games visuals and audio are important, and unlockable cosmetics fall in line with that kind of thing. But to me, I felt like I had wasted all this time to unlock something that I thought was going to matter to me. But when I had it, I realized I didn’t care at all. It was nothing but a carrot on a stick. Except the carrot was a piece of paper.

That was the last time I played Overwatch.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

I got into this game when it came out and dropped it because I wasn’t appreciating the reused content from the first Xenoverse. But then I got into watching Dragon Ball Super, I got more and more excited about Dragon Ball Figherz (which I have now played, and I was right to be excited), and yeah that led me to playing a couple dozens of hours of Xenoverse 2 again. I don’t think I quite finished the main story, but I got pretty close, and I definitely spent a lot of time grinding. And grinding. And grinding.

Which reminds me!

Diablo 3

Is this a turn? I’m not sure. I went from loving it, to thinking continuing this game was a pointless loot grind, to understanding why that loot grind was not useless and therefore loving it again. I guess I went back and forth? Previously, I would just play a character, beat the game, and then either play another character or drop the game. Most player’s act like the game starts after you beat it, but I never saw the point since all you were doing was grinding for more loot in order to grind for more loot endlessly.

Sometime around last September I built up a demon hunter that could wipe out rooms in seconds  after I grinded for a particular build I was going after (a build that was possibly due to that current season) and I found myself enjoying and understanding the point of Diablo. Getting to the point where you are not only killing bosses on hard difficulties, but doing it quickly and efficiently. It was short lived obsession, but I walked away from it finally understanding why people get so addicted to loot games.

That’s my piece. Stay tuned for more GotY content all throughout this year, about last year. Oh!

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