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Platforming shoot-em-up Flinthook is a roguelite with a retro aesthetic and a novel swing mechanic. Players right click from hook to hook, swinging through the air like Spider-Man. While in the air, players may activate a bullet time ability, slowing time just enough to dodge bullets and take well placed in flight shots of their… Continue reading RANKING THE ROGUE. Flinthook.

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Ranking the Rogue: Eldritch AND Wasted. DOUBLE FEATURE!

Eldritch is a game that wears its influences on its face. It’s HP Lovecraft. Eldritch. That shit comes from him. Got it? It’s a first person sneaker with shooting elements and certain roguelike elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated levels. This game has a good atmosphere that really aids the different monsters who show… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Eldritch AND Wasted. DOUBLE FEATURE!

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The Top Ten Video Games of 2016 Written in the Year 2017

As years go, you can’t get much worse than those known by “2016” and “2017.” I’m not going to elaborate: we all know why almost everything sucks. My trade has always been escapism, and I’m not altering my path just yet. Part of the reason I put off writing this thing that I promised when… Continue reading The Top Ten Video Games of 2016 Written in the Year 2017

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Tetris 2 (SNES). “Strangest First Game Ever.” A Review.

When I was younger (as in prior to my fifth birthday) I was more interested in watching video games than playing them. In fact, I was petrified at the idea of losing. I distinctly remember begging for my parents to rent the Pagemaster video game for the Super Nitnendo. They took it home and said… Continue reading Tetris 2 (SNES). “Strangest First Game Ever.” A Review.


DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.

Doom. Think about the word, or rather the concept, and how it is defined. Doom is death, destruction, and an otherwise terrible fate. Nothing complex about that. Doom, the video game, likewise chooses simplicity over complexity: a move that strengthens its portrayal of death and destruction. Hell erupts out of man-made technology and ravages all… Continue reading DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.

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Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne

This roguelike good I like this video game 10/10 Five stars 40/40 metacritic = 100.   6/10-IGN “I died a lot.” Hi people. It’s time for another ranking; this time roguelike; this time Nuclear Throne. A game with birdmen, fat lizard things, fish who roll, and terrifying memes. It’s isometric shoot-em-up action structured in a… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne


WWE 2k16. “Rabid Wolverine.” A Review.

I like wrestling games for two reasons. One, because they provide resources to satisfy my creativity while quenching my incessant thirst for play. Two, because smashing together virtual representations of people within my own created storylines is a fucking blast. I’ve been a fan since before I started watching the actual product on television, and… Continue reading WWE 2k16. “Rabid Wolverine.” A Review.