DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.

Doom. Think about the word, or rather the concept, and how it is defined. Doom is death, destruction, and an otherwise terrible fate. Nothing complex about that. Doom, the video game, likewise chooses simplicity over complexity: a move that strengthens its portrayal of death and destruction. Hell erupts out of man-made technology and ravages all… Continue reading DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.


Top TWENTY(ONE) Video Games that I have Played in the Year 2016

This is a list of 20 video games that I enjoyed in the year 2016. Just kidding, I fucked up and wrote stuff about 21. So…here’s a list of the 21 video games I played in the year 2016. They are not all games that released in 2016. Most of these are games I first… Continue reading Top TWENTY(ONE) Video Games that I have Played in the Year 2016

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Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne

This roguelike good I like this video game 10/10 Five stars 40/40 metacritic = 100.   6/10-IGN “I died a lot.” Hi people. It’s time for another ranking; this time roguelike; this time Nuclear Throne. A game with birdmen, fat lizard things, fish who roll, and terrifying memes. It’s isometric shoot-em-up action structured in a… Continue reading Ranking the Rogue: Nuclear Throne