For Honor Impressions. (PS4)

For Honor is a fighting game in a 3D space with the camera situated behind your character. The gameplay is radically different from anything else in that you initiate attacks and defend from one of three directions designated from the right analogue stick. You choose a character from one of three legendary warrior factions–knights, samurai, and… Continue reading For Honor Impressions. (PS4)


DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.

Doom. Think about the word, or rather the concept, and how it is defined. Doom is death, destruction, and an otherwise terrible fate. Nothing complex about that. Doom, the video game, likewise chooses simplicity over complexity: a move that strengthens its portrayal of death and destruction. Hell erupts out of man-made technology and ravages all… Continue reading DOOM. PS4. “Defining Hell.” A Review.